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Saving Dignity

“This is a necessity that all human beings should have, especially women. Under no circumstances should a woman’s dignity be compromised. Girls as young as 10 are reported to have been raped, this is unacceptable and we will not sit back and watch” Mani Kaur, Project Manager

What we are doing and why:

·      Implementing safe toilets worldwide
·      Building communal blocks for women only
·      Building in-house toilets for the elderly and disabled
·      To protect the dignity of women
·      Giving freedom of movement to both women and girls.
·      Improving the feeling of security
·      Giving women the confidence to live a life free from fear

We are implementing safe toilets worldwide; the need is great, our aim is to protect the dignity of women and restore freedom of movement for women and young girls. This project is being implemented in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malawi & India

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Forgotten Women