We envision a world where every woman is given the opportunity to live a life free from humiliation, poverty and abuse. A world in which women are free to preserve their dignity, health, well-being and economic independence.

In many areas of the world, women are the backbone of society. It is they who nurture and provide the stability in a family, promoting and instilling social cohesion in the wider community. More often than not, they are the rock in times of conflict and crisis, but tragically women are also amongst the most vulnerable in society.

Forgotten Women endeavours to help women who have suffered injustice, hardship and neglect whether it is due to war, natural disasters or poverty. Our objective is to offer women the opportunity to develop their independence and protect their dignity. Every woman deserves the right to live a safe, happy life and with your support we can make that a reality for all.

Forgotten Women is a charity run by women for women, a charity dedicated to helping women in crisis and emergencies. The charity was set up after witnessing first-hand the ‘sex for aid’ and manipulation of women in vulnerable situations. We also aim to create long-term solutions by setting disadvantaged women up with opportunities which will inturn help them out of the poverty trap for good. Our approach is needs based and we align our delivery accordingly. Our current list of countries are as follows:
  • Somalia
  • Malawi
  • Turkey Border
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh