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Fundraising with AlMaghrib

“It is the unbearable suffering and exploitation of vulnerable women around the world, that we chose to make a difference through Forgotten Women.” Sunny Bahia, Forgotten Women

Fundraising with AlMaghrib

Forgotten Women is a charity run by women for women, a UK-based organisation dedicated to helping women in crisis and emergencies, the charity was set up after witnessing first-hand the ‘sex for aid’ violations and manipulation of women in vulnerable situations.

The Situation:

We are delivering safe aid in Syria, Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan, the situation in these countries is dire and women will look to the only assets they have to feed their families, these assets are selling themselves and their children. These countries are suffering from hunger and desperation, we aim to deliver food parcels which can last up to 4-6 weeks in order to bring some relief to these women.

The streets are littered with women begging, begging not for money but food, the team witnessed women fight over simple loaf of bread out of fear they will have nothing to feed their children.

All 4 countries have suffered war, famine, and/or natural disasters – if anyone is in need of your kind donations it is these women and children who have nothing except the clothes on their backs. These very women are being exploited, the desperation has set in and they will do anything for survival.

Many women have resorted to selling themselves or their children for basic food, this is why I feel compelled to help, we need to come together and protect the dignity of our mothers, sisters and children.

What you can do to help:

I am collecting much needed donation to go into Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen in the month of Ramdan, the teams are on the ground ready to deliver your kind donation by hand.

All of what you give will be delivered in the month of Ramadan directly.

I am supporting the first female lead charity who only allow women on the front line to distribute emergency aid, this is to combat the sex for aid which takes place in emergencies. Forgotten Women has a zero tolerance to sexual exploitation of the weak and vulnerable, they are here to serve those in need and in the same breath protect those whom they serve.

Right now, the need is:

Food Packs – Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan & Yemen: £60 (100 CAD / 75 $)
Homes for Life – Pakistan: £700 (1150 CAD / 860 $)
Instant Income Business for Widows: £1000 (1600 CAD / 1225 $)

Sadaqah and Zakat eligible

Forgotten Women is the only female-led charity which only allow women on the front line to distribute emergency aid in order to protect the dignity of women, and to transform lives of the vulnerable through aid, opportunity, and voice.

Best Form of Charity

Food Packs will last for a month, but our business setups solutions mean that a woman and her family can self-generate income for month-on-month and years after. We have a 100% success rate in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The widows we have setup earn between £150 to £250 a month and can pay for their rent, food, school/madrasah and basic medical needs. This model is working very well and the women are very happy that they can meet all the needs of their family.

Thank you for your kind donations and support in advance; may God protect and bless you and your family.

Forgotten Women