Women’s Shelter Project

There are many reasons why a woman may be stripped of her home and her security. It may be that she is fleeing an abusive husband, she may have been outcast because she has suffered rape or is unable to bear children, or that she is seeking refuge from the horrors of war.

Lack of shelter makes women and their children vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. They may even be forced into prostitution just to provide for their basic needs.

In too many parts of the world, the absence of safe shelters where women can seek protection and support are scarce in many parts of the world, culminating / resulting in thousands of women having to fend for themselves in dangerous situations.

We need your help to reach these women. It costs only £300 a year to support a woman with food, accommodation and basic medical care.

Sanitary Towel Project

Hygiene in rural communities is a sensitive and complex issue for young women. Many are unable to afford basic sanitary items and resort to using rags and newspapers. In many prisons in the developing world, the situation is magnified. Female inmates often have no access to even the most basic necessities and menstruation can be a humiliating time for them.

When we think about helping those in need, what comes to mind is food, shelter and education, nonetheless, items such as women’s sanitation are often neglected, and to women this is a hardship they are usually too embarrassed to request help for. We want to help restore dignity to the lives of those who are struggling with the adversities of everyday life. For as little as £3 a month, you can help three women take care of their personal needs.