Another Mother

Support your another mother across the world by giving her an opportunity of independence. When you invest in a woman, you invest in a family, a community and an entire generation.


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Another Mother In Somalia

The Another Mother project is designed to take women out of the dark poverty trap for good by providing her with a long-awaited opportunity that she will never encounter otherwise. In many countries’ women have no option but to compromise their dignity and resort to begging and prostitution just to put food on the table for their children.

The Another Mother project is based around our ‘Lift Model’ which means we take a one-off donation and set a woman up for life rather than making her dependent on monthly handouts. This one-off donation will create independence which means a woman can stand on her own feet and earn an income which in turn means she can take care of providing food, shelter, education for herself and her family.

For each country we tailor our projects to see what will fit with the women, society and culture. For example, in Somalia which is one of the poorest countries in the world and has no window of opportunity for women to survive, we chose the retail kiosk project. This project was designed in-house to take women off the streets and make them into business women overnight with an instant income. Each woman is selected because of her dire situation due to no support and is either begging.

These custom-made kiosks have been rolled out in mainland Mogadishu and have a 100% success rate. These women of Somalia are making a healthy profit and have all escaped the dark poverty trap and have hope, progress and income.

The Another Mother project is designed to make permanent change in the lives of women for generations to come, with your one-off donation, surely this is the best form of charity.

The Another Mother project is also developed for India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Malawi. Please do continue to support this project and create meaningful change for humanity. It costs on average £500 to setup a woman in business. Your donation will be invested not only in a woman but an entire generation to come.

Per fully stocked kiosk £500
Monthly donation of £40

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