Bangladesh: Floods – Forgotten Women

Bangladesh: Floods

“I have never seen floods like this, we have lost everything.” Bangladesh is facing the worst floods in more than a century, with over 4 million people being displaced. Women and children make up the majority of those, leaving them vulnerable with no shelter, food or safety.

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The flooding in Bangladesh has left many women fighting for survival with their houses and their possessions being swept away. At least 68 people have died since mid-May from flood-related causes, including drowning, electrocutions, and landslides. More than 4,000 people have been infected with waterborne diseases and the worst is yet to come.

The northeast, an area that produces most of the rice for the country has been heavily damaged. This means that long term food security will become uncertain. The floods in Bangladesh have not only claimed the physical possessions of people, but also claimed livestock, businesses, food, clean water etc. with over 4 million people displaced and with only the clothes on their back this catastrophe has the potential to claim thousands of lives if aid does not receive them.

Many women and children have nothing to drink except the flood water which is unsafe for consummation. Food has already start to run short with people not eating for days at a time. The women of Bangladesh need your help, our team are on the ground distributing aid to women by women.

1 food pack is £30 which will feed a family for a month.


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Forgotten Women