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Yemen: Dwarfism & Disability


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The family live in Hodeida and each of them were born with Dwarfism along with other disabilities that impact their daily lives.

The team came across Fatima, Aisha, Nahlam and Abdalaziz whilst performing our outreach service in a remote area of Yemen. Abdalaziz told the team that their mother had passed away that day and she was the sole provider. He went on to express his concerns about providing for his siblings, especially Aisha who is bed-bound and requires constant care and attention.

Tears fell from the team’s faces as they witnessed the level of poverty the family faced as they had barely any food or water to survive. The unlivable conditions of broken beds, sofas, and walls urged the team to report an almost hopeless feeling for the situation in Yemen. Abdalaziz, the only male left in the family, is unable to get a job to support his siblings due to the stigma of Dwarfism, his limited ability and the economic situation in Yemen.

However, the situation is not hopeless. With your help we can provide the family with a long term solution to their poverty. 

What we are doing:

We aim to set up the family in business so that they can support their household independently and not rely on monthly handouts. With this in mind, the ground team has scoped a suitable business of a mobile phone repair shop.

We are aiming to collect £3,500 which will go towards the following:

1. Deposit/rent for the shop (few months)
2. Furnishing the shop
3. Training
4. Stock
5. A motorbike for Abdalaziz to provide mobility 
6. Cash flow to aid their initial living (food, nappies etc)

Your kind donation will ensure that this family of four will have a brighter future. 

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Forgotten Women