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Libya Floods Appeal

"With the earthquake in Morocco and now the deadly floods in Libya, it is time to come together and stand as one to show our support." Rae, Forgotten Women

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Forgotten Women is the first female lead charity to provide aid to women and children who have suffered from the devastating floods in Libya. The death toll is expected to rise over 20,000 – Your support is very much needed.

On the Ground

Thousands have died, the death toll is expected to rise above 20,000 in Libya due to the heavy flooding caused by a vast Mediterranean storm, the impact destroyed two dams in the region – claiming the lives of thousands.

Whole neighbourhoods are believed to have been washed away in the city, according to local authorities. 

‘The situation is catastrophic,’ said Othman Abduljaleel, the health minister in Libya’s eastern government. ‘The bodies are still lying on the ground in many parts (of the city). Hospitals are filled with bodies. And there are areas we have yet to reach.’

Derna was declared a disaster zone and more bodies were still under the rubble in the city’s neighborhoods, or washed away to the sea, according to Abduljaleel. Those who have survived now need the support of food and shelter. 

The situation is catastrophic, corpses litter the streets, drinkable water and food is in short supply.

Hundreds of homes are buried under mud, debris and water. No help has reached the remote areas. The death toll is going to be staggering, our team on the ground has requested that aid is short and it is now where the help needs to ramp up.

People are hearing the cries of babies underground, they don’t know how to get to them, it is reported that people are using shovels and their bare hands to get the bodies from underneath the ground.

Why Forgotten Women

Forgotten Women has a zero tolerance to sexual exploitation of the weak and vulnerable.

During any natural disaster, war or famine, women tend to be the ones who suffer the most. Women are 14 times more likely to die in any emergency because they do not receive the relevant aid. Women across the world are being exploited, the Forgotten Women team has witnessed women having to compromise their dignity for basic food.

When a mother has to choose between food or starvation for her children, she will do anything because the challenging environment around her become a battle of survival. Our reports show that girls as young 9 have and are being exploited for a bar of soap, this is the sad reality which many of us are not aware of. Sexual acts in exchange for desperately needed aid supplies is an abuse of power and tends to go unreported.

We provide aid to women, delivered only by women

Help Libya Now

£60 can provide an Emergency Safe Aid Parcel – includes food, clean water, and essentials (Each food parcel lasts one month)

1.Emergency Aid Pack £60

2.Emergency Packs for 2 Families £120

3.Emergency Packs for 5 Families £300

4.Emergency Packs for 10 Families £600

5.Emergency Packs for 20 Families £1200

6.Emergency Packs for 50 Families £3000

Thank you for you generous support, let us come together and serve humanity. 

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Forgotten Women