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Stand With Morocco

Help families in Morocco cope with the immediate food, water, bedding, medical and Hygiene during these hard time after the earthquake

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Morocco Earthquake Devastation

Over a thousand lives lost, countless injured as 6.8 magnitude quake rocks Morocco. Heart-wrenching scenes emerge as rescuers scramble to unearth survivors from the rubble. The human toll stands at 1,037 lives lost and hundreds injured, with fears that this number will tragically soar.

This catastrophic earthquake struck late on Friday, wreaking havoc and sending terrified citizens spilling into the streets. In the midst of this chaos, 1,204 individuals have been wounded, with 721 in critical condition, according to the interior ministry.

The epicentre, nestled high in the Atlas Mountains, lies approximately 43 miles (70km) away from the popular tourist hub, Marrakech. However, the most vulnerable victims are in the remote villages, where age-old traditional structures are more prone to collapse. The rescue mission’s central focus will be reaching these distant communities.

Centuries-old structures crumbled, and cracks scar the city’s medieval walls. Images of fallen mosque minarets, cars crushed under debris, and frantic people fleeing shopping centres and restaurants have gripped local media.

Despite challenges like blocked roads and collapsed rocks hampering relief efforts, courageous individuals in places like Asni and Amizmiz are working tirelessly to rescue those trapped beneath the ruins. The earthquake’s shallow depth of 11.5 miles (18km) added to the devastation, making it the strongest Morocco has experienced in decades.

The true extent of this tragedy continues to unfold, and the death toll is expected to climb higher throughout the day. The earthquake’s tremors were felt as far away as Portugal and Algeria, underscoring the urgent need for support in this dire situation.

What we are doing to help:

Working in conjunction with our local allies, our organization is dedicated to making a meaningful impact in the wake of this catastrophe. We are committed to providing vital assistance, such as nourishment, access to clean water, and essential medical provisions to preserve precious lives.

your holds the power to create a life-altering impact for those facing dire circumstances. With your backing, we can create hope and support those grappling with the aftermath of a seismic disaster.

We urge you to contribute generously and stand with us in extending immediate aid to the individuals and communities struck by this devastating seismic event. Together, we can illuminate their darkest moments with a glimmer of hope.

Every single contribution is incredibly meaningful in aiding those affected by the earthquake. Your generosity is truly valued and deeply appreciated.


Food Aid, Hygiene, basic medical, bedding, temporary shelter, immediate repairs

1.Emergency Aid Pack (This will help a family cope with the immediate food, water, bedding, medicine and Hygiene) £50
2.Emergency Packs for 2 Families £100
3.Emergency Packs for 5 Families £250
4.Emergency Packs for 10 Families £500
5.Emergency Packs for 20 Families £1000
6.Emergency Packs for 50 Families £2500
7.Emergency Packs for 100 Families £5000

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