Pakistan: Homes for Life – Forgotten Women

Pakistan: Homes for Life

"The floods in 2022 were the worst in Pakistan’s history where over 33 million people were displaced, many, largely women and children have been affected long term. The floods highlighted a deeper issue in Pakistan – extreme poverty. Women and children are suffering in silences, we must act now.” S.Ali, Director, Forgotten Women

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A Home For Life is a safe space for a woman and her children who are suffering from extreme poverty which has been highlighted by the floods in 2022. These women have nothing and many of them are living in unsafe open areas, trying to get through the day.

The floods hit Pakistan 10 months ago, 33 million people were displaced, most of whom were women and children. The waters affected an area the size of Britain. But the emergency was not then but now, the Government has appealed for international help because they can’t cope and are asking charities like Forgotten Women to help.

As the months have passed, Pakistan enters a new phase of this dark emergency – trafficking. Women are being lured and children are being stolen and sold into indecent industry by predators. These women are living on the roadside, over 2000 women are giving birth daily in the open. Recent case studies from the ground have been of women selling their children as young as 10 into marriage for a mere £300 dowry to get money for basic food, this is the grim reality.

Sodhar, from one of the most affected areas said her entire family, with pregnant women and infants, have no shelter and are living in the open in scorching weather in the nearby town of Mehar. “We barely get one meal a day. Our children are crying all day. What can you tell them to stop crying when there is no home for them,”


The government of Pakistan has now appealed for help to the international community with an area roughly the size of Britain underwater.

The History of Affected Areas

Sindh and Baluchistan have been the poorest regions for decades and with the floods, the people have been pushed to levels of poverty that your eyes and hearts will not be able to bear. The deep and dark poverty is so severe that it is unimaginable that people can live like this and humanity allows them to suffer like this.

Exploitation of Women  

In any disaster and emergency women will be the first to suffer if a male guardian is not present. Women become an easy target for exploitation and violation of their dignity. The responsibility is now upon the women for collecting supplies for their families which make them vulnerable in so many ways. Many times, women are side-lined and no aid will reach them and as a result women will be the most malnourished and potentially die from the lack of food. Forgotten Women has a strict ethical code of conduct which has zero tolerance to sexual exploitation of the weak and vulnerable. We are here to serve those in need and in the same breath protect those who we serve. To honour our safe aid policy we only allow women on the front line to deliver aid (women to women contact).

What We Are Doing: Build A Home For Life

There is a need to protect these vulnerable women who are living in the open with a safe and secure housing, we are building ‘Homes For Life’ that will house a woman and her children, it costs just £700 for a brick/concentrate house which will last her a lifetime. £700 will take a woman and her children off the streets and provide her a home, where she will be safe and her dignity will be protected. The house comes with an open attached kitchen, these is not only life changing for the women, but your charity lives on for years to come.


Our team is on the ground in flood affected areas working with local governments to provide the best support we can for the people who need it the most.

Right now, the need is: 

1 – Emergency Food Pack (7 weeks) £60
2 – A Permanent Concrete Home £700
3 – A Home for Life + Washroom £950
4  – A Home for Life + Washroom + LiveStock £1550
5 – A Home for Life + Washroom + Shop £1950

Donate now, the women of Pakistan need your help.  

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Forgotten Women