Rural Revival: Pakistan – Forgotten Women

Rural Revival: Pakistan

Much of the poverty around the globe is found in rural areas where job opportunities are very few with very high unemployment rates leading to excessive poverty levels of 80% and above. The impact is more severely felt in developing countries where the general wealth is very low and state provisions do not exist to support the poor.

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Women have entered a new era where they have to become the head of the household for the following reasons:

1- High unemployment rate for men
2- Lower life expectancy of men
3- Higher health issues amongst men
4- Physical welling impacted by hard labour
5- Drugs and narcotics are on the rise

With this in mind there is a lot of pressure to provide and feed their families. In rural areas, the skillset of women is limited to livestock farming and milk production. Working with these skillsets in mind for a successful project delivery it is evident that livestock will be the most suitable and practical form of business. Thaar region of Sind province in Pakistan is known for Thar region of Sind province in Pakistan is known for its vast landscape which is naturally tailored for livestock. By giving the women livestock, it enables them to feed their children and also sell the milk to earn an income.

Forgotten Women’s model is to create independent women who can self-generate an income. By giving each woman up to 10 goats we increase their chances of prosperity by a far greater degree to the extent that within 2.5 years they can become substantial businesswomen enabling them to feed themselves and their families adequately, provide education, basic healthcare and also employ people.

The table below shows how fast 10 goats can multiply within 2.5 years:

Month 1 Breedables:   10  |  Month 7 Kids: 15  |  Total: 25
Month 14 Breedables: 10  |  Month 7 Kids: 15  |  Total: 40
Month 21 Breedables: 25  |  Month 7 Kids: 38  |  Total: 63
Month 28 Breedables: 40  |  Month 7 Kids: 60  |  Total: 100

The Real Deal:

Within a very short period their condition will change with the women being able to produce enough milk to sell on a daily basis and in addition sell male livestock and retain females for further breeding and growth. The contract with the women is that they must return the original 10 goats back to us after 3 years. By this time, they are flourishing in their business. This means the cycle can continue with the next woman being provided the goats from the payback.

Understanding life in rural Pakistan and empowering women with the right business type based on their skillset and culture is the foundations of success. Shazia Ramzan, Forgotten Women

Our team monitors the situation of each woman on the ground on a weekly basis and provides any help and assistance to tackle issues being faced and also to ensure that women keep on track with their targets. This one off donation will help the women of Thaar out of the poverty trap for good by empowering them and not making them dependent on monthly handouts.

One-off Donation: £1000
Monthly Donation: £100×10

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Forgotten Women