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Walking Therapy

We started this service in April 2020 soon after Covid 19 impacted our lives in the UK, many people were forced to lead a life they had not experienced before. Social interaction became limited and working from home was now not optional but a must. Many started to isolate, friends and family were dying around us and our mental welling was being challenged.

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The combination of these factors left many with the feeling of depression due to the lack of control over our day to day lives. We decided that alongside our ‘support friends service’ we would introduce group walking therapy sessions. This is a wonderful and dynamic way for people who are suffering to come together and share in a group activity which would instantly changes the mindset.

Emotions are Controlled by Motion 

Group walk therapy offers an innovative and holistic approach in a group setting, a platform which is safe for women to express themselves without being judged. Many of the women who joined these sessions are experiencing unsettled emotions. By creating motion in the body, it can instantly change the mindset to a more positive one, which helps to improve clarity of thought and confidence.

The sessions take place in a natural outdoor setting with a lead counsellor. Some physical benefits of walking therapy are:

1-Reduces blood pressure
2-Reduces risk of diabetes
3-Improved thinking
4-Enhances creativity
5-Reduces anxiety
6-Alleviates stress
7-Improves anger issues
8-Reduces levels of depression


Walking therapies has been very nourishing, opening your heart whilst walking and sharing with understanding. The physical aspect of being in an outdoors encapsulates all of the body, mind & soul with a deep connection. The group setting provides encouragement for one another as well as healing for the individual. Shasha Ali, Group Leader


We are currently running sessions in East London; it is free to join so please do get in touch. office@forgottenwomen.org (details will be sent upon booking). Remember you are not alone, together we are stronger.  

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