War & Poverty: Yemen

The Yemen civil war started in 2015, leaving aside the politics and the blame it is the women and children who always suffer in conflict making up 80% of those affected. Yemen is now the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Yemen as a nation wasn’t very rich and prosperous to start with and the war has only plunged it into an even darker place of ruthlessness.

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Women, unmarried women, divorced and adolescent girls are among the most vulnerable. In a society like Yemen, men shield and protect the women from danger, abduction and sexual attacks. This crisis has created an easy environment for women to be exploited and violated of their dignity. Women are now forced to take the lead as the male guardian has either been killed or is fighting. The responsibility is now upon the women for collecting supplies for their families which make them an easy target.

Women have to walk up to three hours to collect their rations of basic food for survival and then have to make the same journey back, carrying both food and their children in their arms in the unbearable heat of over 45 degrees over barren land. Access to basic food is not always available and as a result women are malnourished and children are dying from starvation.

What we are doing:

To combat the sex for aid, exploitation of these vulnerable women and the pressure women face for survival, Forgotten Women focuses on delivering ‘Safe Aid’ which is basic terms means aid for women by women, we only allow women on the front line to deliver aid in a safe and sound manner.

” Sex for aid and sexual exploitation should not and will not be tolerated. Part of our safe aid delivery is to provide loving arms of comfort and the emotional support these beautiful women long for.” Forgotten Women Team

Forgotten Women has a team on the ground supplying essential supplies for women and children, several 40ft containers are being sent to Yemen in which they contain essential supplies of food and medicine which are urgently needed for survival. All supplies will be distributed by women, in line with our safe aid policy.
Please do support the vulnerable women of Yemen and save lives today.

1 Food Parcel – £60
Emergency Fund – Open to any Donation Amount

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