Wells of Dignity

Wells of Dignity (BOREHOLE) are much needed not only to provide safe clean water but also to protect the dignity of women and young girls. Women and young girls are the primary water bearers in most countries and often need to walk long distances to find water, this exposes them to serious risk of sexual abuse, abduction and rape.

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Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world with 57% of the population living in abject poverty, the vast majority located in rural areas. Women and girls are the ones who suffer the most with Gender Based Violence (GBV) still high among women. Females are also the primary water bearers in most countries with at least 17 million women and girls in Africa collect water every day, increasing their risk of sexual abuse.

Forgotten Women aims to build Wells of Dignity around the rural village of Ntcheu which consists of 250,000 people. Women and girls walk through the night to start queuing at water wells from as early as 1am and then walk the long distance back to their homes and communities carrying the heavy water laden containers. On this journey they face many dangers, the most horrific being sexual attacks, abduction and rape.

The Wells of Dignity is designed to eliminate the laborious daily routine so that access to basic amenities like water – which the majority of people around the world enjoy at their ease and comfort is made available to the people of Malawi with wells provided in their villages.

The Modi River is several hundred kilometres long and runs from Balantyre through the country to the rural communities. Along the way the river is used for industrial, medical and human waste. Families use this water daily which in turn leads to fatalities through diseases such as dysentery. The water is grey and carries a stench with rubbish and sewage clearly visible, the same water is used for livestock, agriculture and also ingested by the population.

Wells of dignity provide the following benefits:

  • Reduces the chance of women and children being sexually attack.
  • Provides an opportunity to get an education rather than spending hours fetching water.
  • Allows women to be able to work
  • Stops fatalities associated with drinking contaminated water
  • Enables communities to irrigate their land

Women and children are the primary water bearers in several countries. They often need to walk long distances to find water, which puts them at a higher risk of sexual abuse

Forgotten Women has direct access to supply chain to implement the delivery of Boreholes which enables us to keep the costs low. When construction takes place this also provides employment for locals as we only engage labour locally to work under the directions of a project manager. Wells of Dignity will be rolled out in remote parts of Malawi which will sustain a minimum of 10,000 + people and in-turn give a quality of life and safety which every woman deserves.

Each Borehole cost £7,500

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