Dhul-Hijjah 10 days – Forgotten Women

The 10 days of Dhul Hijjah are the best days for Muslims to give, to help people and mankind in general,

None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.”  Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

2023 has been labelled ‘The Year of Rebuilding’ as we finally start getting our lives back to normal after the pandemic, let us now come together and start rebuilding the lives of those who have suffered the most and are still suffering.

Countries which have been inflicted severely over the past year are Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and Yemen, they need our help urgently. All of these countries have gone through either natural disaster, war or famine, women always tend to be the ones who suffer the most. They are 14 times more likely to die in any emergency due to them being vulnerable. The team has witnessed women having to compromise their dignity with indecent acts for basic food such as rice, oil and even salt, and this is why we believe safe aid, aid for women by women is important, this is to tackle the sex for aid that takes place day to day and most of us are unaware of this.




Emergency Food Aid £60
Business set up for widow and her children £1000


For 43 years the Afghani people have been living through occupation, our team from the UK have sat with the women in Afghanistan, and they have told us of their accounts of mass rape were they themselves suffered and also watched their daughters being raped in front of them while the men where massacred before their eyes.

In such circumstances women are left with no support or even basic food and when the desperation sets in, they look to sell any assets to save themselves and family members, this includes selling themselves, their children, and their organs. The streets are littered with women begging for food, many women have been forced to sell their daughters as young as 4 in order to feed themselves and their children. They are forced with difficult choices when facing continuous starvation, the desperation leads them to selling one child even for as little as £500 to save the rest of the family.

What We Are Doing:
1. Emergency Food Aid (Zakah eligible) £60
2. Business set up for widow and her children, giving her an instant income for years to come (permanent change, Zakah eligible, one off donation) £1000





 Emergency Food Aid   £60
Home for Life – permanent concrete house  £700
Home for Life + Business   £1200


The floods hit Pakistan a year ago, 33 million people were displaced, most of whom were women and children. The waters affected an area the size of Britain.

As the months have passed, Pakistan enters a new phase of this dark emergency – trafficking. Women are being lured and children are being stolen and sold into the sex industry by predators. These women are living on the roadside, over 2000 women are giving birth daily in the open. Recent case studies from the ground have been of women selling their children as young as 10 for a mere £300 to get money for basic food, this is the grim reality.

The recent economic and political turmoil in the country only worsens the situations for the 90% poor and does not in any way affect the 10% elite.

What We Are Doing:
1. Emergency Food Aid (Zakah eligible) £60 (US$ 75).
3. Home for Life (Zakah eligible, permanent concrete house) £700 (US$875).
2. Home for Life + Business (Zakah eligible) £1200 (US$1500).

£100 (US$ 125) for 12 months.



After 12 years of war, the Syrians continue to suffer, more than 13 million people have been forced to flee their homes, and an estimated 15 million are now relying on humanitarian assistance. The never-ending disasters kept many families moving from place to place in search of safety, especially in the war-torn north, where some cities have been reduced to rubble by their own government forces.

Then, on February 6, survivors already exhausted and vulnerable from the war were dealt another blow when a huge earthquake rocked the region causing loss of life, limb and security. Families are still grieving at the loss of loved ones, with one family of 22 losing 11 members to the earthquake

“Being on the ground in Syria has made me realise how much help these women and children need, Syria has become the centre of neglect. we are determined to get your kind donations to those who need it the most, you have our word.” Lucy Rae, Forgotten Women, Syria


What We Are Doing:
1. Emergency Food Aid (Zakah eligible) £60 (US$75)

2. Dignity Pack Safe Toilet £350 & Shower unit £350 (US$440).

3. Businesses for Women £1000 (for stock and rent) (US$ 1250).

£100 (US$125) a month for 10 months.

4. Shop purchase £4000 (large self-contained premises in Azaz, Syria). Under your ownership managed by the charity.




Bangladesh has been on the rise for the last 10 years. Business (GDP) has continuously grown for the country, however, the lack of spend on the people & infrastructure is apparent and poverty remains as one of the biggest causes of hunger and famine. Living conditions are very challenging for the poor.

We have been successfully setting up women with businesses for a few years and the results are remarkable. Most of the women make between £150 (US$ 190) – £250 (US$ 310) monthly.  There are some remarkable women who earn a profit of £350 (US$ 440) per month.

What We Are Doing:
1. Emergency Food Aid (Zakah eligible) £60 (US$75).
2. Business set up for widow and her children, giving her an instant income for years to come (permanent change, Zakah eligible, one off donation) £1000 (US$ 1250).3 -£100 (US$125) a month for 10 months.


Forgotten Women