Fardowsa is a mother of four orphan children whose husband was killed whilst out looking for provisions for his family. Fardowsa is now forced to live on handouts from neighbours and she has experienced years of relentless poverty.

Fardowsa’s Story

Fardowsa lives in a small dilapidated shack which has no roof. She has a severely disabled daughter who requires full-time care as she cannot talk, stand, crawl, walk or even eat her own food. She has no control over her bowels so she often soils herself; unfortunately, Fardowsa cannot afford medication or nappies to help her daughter. 24 hours a day Fardowsa is sat with her daughter and she has to insert food into the back of her mouth when feeding her.

Fardowsa’s Story

The knock on effects of poverty has filtered down to her children who are not able to go to school and with the current state of the country help is not easily available.

Fardowsa’s Story

She cooks with pots that are riddled with holes, making cooking a difficult task. Fardowsa and her four children sleep on a single mattress in the open air. The mattress is worn out, during the cold nights she places a thin cloth over her children to stop the cold from setting into their bodies. She explains, “It doesn’t do much good at keeping away the cold.”

All Fardowsa wants is somewhere safe to live and somewhere to work. She is a proud women who wants to become self-sufficient.

Help Fardowsa escape the poverty trap

You can empower Fardowsa to earn money for herself, become self-sufficient and preserve her dignity. Forgotten Women is working closely with local NGOs and have devised a solution to help Fardowsa and many others in a similar position. A payment of just £40 a month for 1 year or a one off payment of £500 can setup Fardowsa for life and many others like her, by empowering them with a retail shack which can be used as a trading hub which will generate regular income.

Fardowsa’s message to you

“I need somewhere secure to live and somewhere I can work to become self-sufficient and help my children’s needs and hardships. If anyone can do anything for my family we will be thankful to you.”

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