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fones for food

Did you know that you can use your old phones as a charity donation to feed vulnerable women who are suffering in the grip of poverty. Women across the world are being exploited, the team have witnessed women compelled to offer sex and indecent acts for food, basic food such as rice, oil and even salt.

When a mother has a choice between food or starvation for her children, she will do anything because her vulnerability & surroundings become a battlefield for survival. Girls as young 9 are are being asked for sexual favours for a bar of soap, this is the sad reality which most of us are unaware of.

Transactional sex involving humanitarian aid is a serious issue that violates the fundamental value of being human. Imagine your family in dire need of basic food aid but in order to receive this, sexual favours are requested in return from your mother, sister or even your daughters, this is the dark side in emergency zones. Forgotten Women only allows women on the front line to deliver aid (women to women contact), this is to tackle the manipulation of vulnerable women in unsettled circumstances.

Your Old Mobile Can Help Us Protect the Dignity of Women
The best way to eradicate poverty worldwide and protect these women from being the ‘underdogs’ is to invest in women, these very women will then not only build their household but also the communities around them.


We have setup many women who are suffering in poverty with their own businesses in countries like Malawi, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Yemen and Pakistan so they can become independent businesswomen We will take your old phone and send it to the women we have setup in business so that they can sell them. She will then earn enough money to buy food, pay rent and take care of her household. This project is designed to build women, many of the women who are selected have little confidence due to the hardships of life. Typically, each woman looks after around 7 family members and, in some cases, we have up to 15 members of their family being cared for.


“We aim to make a lasting change in the lives of women for generations to come, surely this is the best form of charity”. Sunny Bahia, Forgotten Women


Steps Required From You
1. Have a search for old mobile phones (working & non-working (let us know the fault) in your household, ask friends / families
2. Package up and send to: Forgotten Women, X and Why Building, 20-30 Whitechapel Road, London, E1 1EW
3. If you want to track the journey of your mobile phone and how it’s made a difference, then send with your phone an email address.
4. Sit back and smile that you have helped towards protecting the dignity of a woman

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us via email: or call us on 0203 984 6696, together we can make permanent change in the lives of these women.

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