Little Legs For Little Maya.

We started this campaign for Maya after consultation with our on the ground partners. We had a team which was ready to enter Syria to assess her exact prosthetic needs.

As the story has become viral this has caused the Turkish government to step in and take over the case in conjunction with Turkish Red Crescent.

We have therefore taken steps to allocate our funds raised and being raised to help Maya and other little girls in the same situation.

So please keep donating and we shall provide full update to this story and other girls we shall be helping.



Little Legs for Little Maya

Maya is a 8 year old Syrian girl who uses empty food cans as feet to walk. Forgotten Women is aiming to provide prosthetic legs for Maya. She is currently undergoing assessment. The cost is £10,000 and we shall provide full details. Due to extended coverage of the story in the press and social media we have now raised our target to help other little girls in the same situation in Syria.
We need your help to bring joy to little Maya. Please donate now.