She Collapsed In My Arms – Forgotten Women

She Collapsed In My Arms

‘I never got to know her name, she travelled for nearly two hours and joined the queue to collect free bread at the Forgotten Women distribution bakery.

As she got to the front of the queue, the noise, the crowd and the heat became overwhelming, as I put my hand out, she collapsed, and her friend started to cry. I tried to wake her up, I poured water on her face and arms, her body was limp, I checked her pulse and then her pupils. My heart started beating fast. All I could think of was how desperate these women are for a simple piece of bread which cost 10p, we will never truly know their struggles.

Her friend continued to cry, and after some time she gained consciousness.

As I write this account which I wanted to share with you, I am feeling perplexed and sad, this country has been stripped of it’s wealth which has left the people in such hardship, and today just proved this. I wonder what improvement did the occupation make over the 20 years? They did not lift this nation but break them on their way out.

A fully grown woman who is like my mother collapsed in my arms after hours of begging in the scorching heat trying to find food to feed her children. I appeal to you to help these women.

I am here in Afghanistan, and I am conveying to you the seriousness of the situation of our women, *the streets of Afghanistan are filled with women compromising their dignity for survival by begging and we can’t just sit back and watch, please donate.’*

Forgotten Women, Afghanistan

Forgotten Women