She had nothing to give – Forgotten Women

She had nothing to give

Up close feeling the pain of a Syrian woman

Taking time out this Thursday morning to reflect upon some of the amazing women we have encountered on our journey in different countries, one in particular I could never forget, an unnamed Syrian woman who had lost everything from members of her family to a whole way of life. We had a brief exchange of words from the weather to how beautiful her daughter was, as I was leaving she whispered to her daughter and her daughter ran swiftly into the bedroom and returned with a small gift, she had nothing to give but found something to give, the unnamed Syrian woman walked towards me, handed me the gift and looked into my eyes, tears rolled down her face, she hugged me and in an instant the room was filled with emotions. I began to wipe my tears and hers, Nothing was said, no words were needed but a connection was made.

Sunny Bahia

Forgotten Women