From £60 to £280 – WOW – Forgotten Women

From £60 to £280 – WOW

"I am so happy, my health was suffering when I use to work in the tea gardens, I had no choice but to leave, now I have my shop, I am open 24 hours and I make a lot more money here, I sometimes sleep at my shop as I want this shop to be a service to the community.” Jahanrah, Bangladesh

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Jahanrah is married, her husband suffers from poor health, he is house bound and cannot work, there is immense pressure on Jahanrah to provide a basic living.  

Jahanrah use to work at the tea gardens in such high temperatures of 30-40 degrees, the work used to be very long hours and very labour intensive. Jahanrah started developing migraines due to the heat, her doctor said that if she does not leave her work her migraines will only increase. Jahanrah said her hair is burnt due to the intense heat and her body could not take the continuous walking and bending down. 

When Jahanrah left her work at the tea gardens she had no other job and was struggling, she applied for the rebuilding lives programme with Forgotten Women, and has never looked back. Jahanrah use to earn £60 a month, now with her new shop she earns on average £250 -£280 a month which is a big increase in her monthly income.  

Jahanrah said, “When it is quiet, I read, it gets busy in the mornings, lunch times and evenings.”   

One of Jahanrah’s USP is that she is open 24 hours a day, she loves being at her shop and has given her a newfound freedom. She said in the evenings the local ladies come and have tea with her. There is no other shop in her area which means she is capitalising on the profits; she has a markup of 30% on each product which works well she said.  

Jahanrah requested a freezer for cold drinks and ice pops, she said there is such a demand which will only increase her profits which has been given to her. 

Opening hours 24 hours
Profit £250-280 a month 

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