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He left me with nothing

"My parents passed away leaving behind my disabled sister who has no one to take care of her, my husband did not like the fact that I was taking care of my sister, so he divorced me, I was left with nothing. Since having this shop, I feel rich. I am taking care of my sister and my children now, only in my dreams I thought I could ever have a shop like this.” Nargus, Bangladesh

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Nargus wanted to join the rebuilding lives programme because she has 6 dependents, one of which is her disabled sister but had no means to support her family. Nargus’s husband left her at a very low point, she had nothing.  

Since having her own business, Nargus said that she and her family have developed, she has gained her independence to the point her ex-husband wants to come back but she has refused to have him back

The team noticed that Nargus is a rare fighter in life, she said to the team, “Give me anything and I will make it work for the sake of my family,” she trades with her children in the shop – nothing stops her and is looking now to send them to school, she has the drive to better herself and her family.  

Opening hours 7am-10pm  

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