The Fighter

Fardowsa, a mother of four orphan children whose husband was killed whilst out looking for provisions for his family. As a result, Fardowsa was forced into daily begging for food and money. She said, “There were days when we did not eat and my children would cry out of hunger, I would boil small rocks in water to make them think I was cooking food and they will fall asleep waiting and hungry.”


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Fardowsa lives in a small dilapidated shack which has no roof. She has a severely disabled daughter called Hafsa who requires full-time care as she cannot speak, stand, crawl or eat properly. Hafsa has no control over her bowels so she often soils herself; unfortunately, Fardowsa cannot afford medication or nappies to help her daughter. Fardowsa spends 24 hours a day caring for her daughter.

Fardowsa and her four children sleep on a single mattress in the open air. The mattress is worn out, during the cold nights she places a thin blanket over her children to stop the cold from setting into their bodies. She explains, “It doesn’t do much good at keeping away the cold, but it is all I have.” As the team was leaving, she said, “My children don’t go to school as I don’t have the means to send them. We all know the state of the country, I cannot find support. I am asking for help to make my situation a little easier. I need an income so I can become self-sufficient and feed my children basic meals so they can survive, I don’t want to beg anymore.”

One year later…

“My anxiety and worry have gone. I can now sleep at night knowing I can feed my family and not have to beg in the streets, thank you so much, in my first week I have made a profit, so I am happy.”

Forgotten Women provided Fardowsa with the long-awaited opportunity she yearned for, an opportunity that would make her independent, restore her dignity and change her life forever.

Fardowsa today is a changed woman, she stands upright, has honour, she now has a purpose in life, a reason to get up in the morning. She takes her daughter Hafsa to work as she requested her kiosk to be placed outside her house which gives her the flexibility to take care of her daughter and earn a living at the same time.

Women like Fardowsa is the real reason why we keep going, it is to make permanent change in the lives of women around the world. Please do continue to support this amazing initiative and end poverty because every woman deserves the right to live a safe, happy life and with your support we can make that a reality for all.

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