We are proud to announce that the Bangladeshi government and WHO have welcomed Forgotten Women to join them in vaccinating the country.

Bangladesh has a population of 170 million, however, only 3 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. The rapid rate of Covid spreading is due to crowded conditions, mistrust and poverty. The ruthless Delta variant is spreading like wildfire, claiming the lives of many. After surviving the first wave of the pandemic, Bangladesh’s health services are now stretched dangerously thin and millions of women are being denied basic medical care. It is only by vaccinating the population that Bangladesh’s health service will be able to regain stability and operate effectively again as it will not be crushed by the weight of excessive Covid-19 related cases. However, many are hesitant to receive the vaccine.

3 reasons why the vaccine uptake has been hindered:

1. Fake Vaccines: The history of fake vaccines circulating in South Asia is nothing new, in any emergency there will always be those who will try and profit and there is no exception here. Fake vaccines have been peddled into Bangladesh causing hesitation to receive any vaccine in fear that it may cause real harm.

2. Rumours: Falsehoods about the vaccine has spread on social media faster than facts which has led to large numbers of people refusing to even consider the vaccine.

3. Community LeadersMany community leaders have thousands of followers on social media and are claiming openly that the vaccines contain a microchip which allows western countries to spy and has persuaded people not to take the vaccine.

Our Aim:

With our vaccination centres ready and female doctors in place, our target is to vaccinate 10,000 people per month. All vaccines are supplied by WHO and approved by the government of Bangladesh, meaning that women feel safe to receive the vaccine and not worry about fake medicine.

The vaccine is supplied free by WHO, however in setting up centres and employing staff to administer the efforts are costing us many of thousands of pounds. With your help we can carry this out and continue to vaccinate the women of Bangladesh and ensure a healthy future not just for them but ultimately safeguarding whole communities.

Forgotten Women