Who we are

Forgotten Women is a charity run by women for women, a charity dedicated to helping women in crisis and emergencies. The charity was set up after witnessing first-hand the ‘sex for aid’ and manipulation of women in vulnerable situations.

We envision a world where every woman is given the opportunity to live a life free from humiliation, poverty and abuse. A world in which women are free to preserve their dignity, health, well-being and economic independence.


“It is the unbearable suffering and exploitation of vulnerable women around the world, that we chose to make a difference through Forgotten Women.” The Forgotten Women Team

To envisage a world where vulnerable women have the opportunity to develop and protect their dignity

To transform the lives of vulnerable women through aid, opportunity and voice

We have various projects in Somalia, Malawi, Turkey Border, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Yemen and UK

To help women escape the poverty trap by providing opportunities to make women independent /// To save lives in emergencies /// To protect the dignity of vulnerable women in emergencies and poverty by delivering safe aid /// To spread awareness of exploitation of women in emergencies worldwide /// To advocate for vulnerable women worldwide /// To promote co-operation with (NGO) partners in fulfilling FW’s aims

Emergency Aid

We only allow women on the front line to deliver aid, this is to tackle the manipulation of women in unsettled circumstances around the world


Based around our ‘LIFT Model’ Leveraging Investment for Transformation, which means we take a one-off donation and set a woman up for life


Our aim is to be the voice and spread awareness of those women who do not have the means to speak up for their basic human rights

In many areas of the world, women are the backbone of society. It is they who nurture and provide the stability in a family, promoting and instilling social cohesion in the wider community. they are the rock in times of conflict and crisis, but tragically women are also amongst the most vulnerable in society.


Forgotten Women endeavours to help women who have suffered injustice, hardship and neglect whether it is due to war, natural disasters or poverty. Our objective is to offer women the opportunity to develop their independence and protect their dignity. Every woman deserves the right to live a safe and a happy life, with your support we can make that a reality for them.


The core work of Forgotten Women is based on our unique charity model called LIFT. This differs from a lot of the other organisations mainly because we see charity as a way of making a permanent change in the lives of women. This means introducing innovative solutions to ending dependency on monthly handouts by creating business women overnight.


Women and children make up over 70% of the world’s poorest which come with many challenges as both are vulnerable and easy targets. They are faced with a painful dilemma of how to make money for basic survival for themselves and their children. In this context, sex work has become a necessity for survival: a quest which not only puts women and girls at risk of contracting HIV but also exposes them to violence, abuse and rape. Mental health in poverty is significantly high, women in poverty who have experienced abuse are even more likely to experience poor mental health. Forgotten Women provides instant income generation schemes for women trapped in the cycle of deep poverty. We create bespoke models to fit the country as every society is different. We aim to make business women out of these women around the world, so they can earn with their own hands which in-turn will make them independent and protect their dignity. The purpose of our projects is to enable women to escape the poverty trap for good, we strongly believe in our LIFT model.

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