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If like Forgotten Women, you also believe that every woman should have the chance to live a safe, dignified life, and free from affliction, then your support can make a lasting difference. In 2016 we made it an official responsibility to transform lives of women from marginalised communities.



To help join us in this vital cause you can do this in one of the most powerful ways by leaving a gift in your Will. You can be sure that a gift in your Will to Forgotten Women will enable us to continue our work providing safe aid for women in vulnerable conditions, lifting women out of poverty, and championing causes that impact marginalised women. Your legacy gift will have a lasting impact on the neediest lives, families, and communities for generations to come. If you do choose to leave a legacy to Forgotten Women in your Will, we recommend the funds to go to the overall work of the organisation so that the funds can be utilised where they are needed at the time to create a greater impact.

Tax efficiency

As a charity, Forgotten Women pays no Inheritance or Capital Gains Tax on gifts made during a donor’s lifetime or upon their demise. A properly drafted Will can also help reduce the amount of tax payable on your estate and increase the amount of your assets that go to your loved ones and organisations whose work you value. We advise you to check with HMRC for further information on Inheritance tax. As tax is a complex area of law, we recommend that you consult with an independent financial advisor or solicitor about the Inheritance Tax implication for your estate, especially if you intend to leave a substantial sum.

How to leave a lasting impression to Forgotten Women

Once you have taken care of your family or loved ones. Some of the most common options chosen by our supporters when including us in their Will involve:

1. A sum of money (be assured that a Legacy does not only mean a large sum of money, it can by any amount)
2. A share of your estate – you can choose to leave a share of or the remainder of your estate
3. A specific item or assets, for example property, jewellery, gold, or shares

Forgotten Women is a registered charity (1169466) and you will need this number when writing your Will. If you live in the UK, you can find details of solicitors in your area specialising in Wills by searching the Law Society website www.lawsociety.org.uk or https://www.bequeathed.org. Please check with the solicitor on costs before you recruit them.

If you need help with Will writing or have any question, please do get in touch office@forgottenwomen.org

If you need help with Will writing or have any question, please do get in touch.

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