Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world, from birth until death. These basic rights are based on shared values like dignity, fairness, equality, respect and independence.


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Imagine not having your voice heard, seeing atrocities and injustices being committed in front of your very eyes and not being able to do anything to stop it but left to suffer in silence. Many women have taken a stand but only to be imprisoned, raped, tortured and in some cases killed for standing up for their basic rights.

Part of Forgotten Women’s mission is to be a global voice for those women who have been silenced. Worldwide women tirelessly fight for change to create an environment where basic human rights are recognised but in return are rewarded worse than animals.

“Advocacy is an integral part of our overall mission.” The Forgotten Women Team

Grant Liberty is the official advocacy wing of Forgotten Women which focuses on the plight of women who have been forcibly detained due to their personal opinions and beliefs. The majority of women detained are mothers. Who, more often than not are cut off from their families, held in secret locations, refused legal advice or representation, sexually, physically and mentally abused and held without trial year after year.

We, with Grant Liberty, stand tall and call worldwide for the injustice of women to stop, we ask for people to listen and take action so we can create a world where every woman is given the opportunity to live a life free from humiliation, poverty and abuse. A world in which women are free to preserve their dignity, health, well-being and economic independence.

Visit: https://grantliberty.org

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