Gaza In Blood And Pain – Forgotten Women

Gaza In Blood And Pain

Since Saturday October 7, the war on Gaza has killed nearly 40,000 Palestinians and injured hundreds of thousands, most of which are women and children. Forgotten Women has vowed not to leave these women and children, our work will continue until the end.

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How can we turn away when we have heard the women of Gaza saying that they pray for peace, but if peace does not come, they pray for a quick death, in their sleep, with their children in their arms. They need our support more than ever

Over 40,000 Palestinians have lost their lives, with 70% being women and children. The world watches as the strikes continue destroying lives and homes. 1.1 million Palestinians are starving, as children go out in the streets looking for food for their mothers. Israel’s military has dropped 75,000 tonnes of explosives on the Gaza Strip (to understand, the Eiffel Tower weighs 10,100 tonnes), turning the infrastructure to rubble and killing mass amounts of people. With that 62% of all houses has been destroyed, displacing 75% of the population.

No-one and nowhere is safe
Those who have not been killed by the vigorous bombing and airstrikes are now living in tents, overcrowded school corridors and the streets. The humanitarian situation is deteriorating day by day, making this one of the worst in history.

Forgotten Women’s Response
With the continuous bombing and shelling of innocent civilians, our response has been scaled up. We are working closely with partners in Jordon, Egypt and Gaza to make sure that your kind donations get through to those in need. To date we have been successful in doing so amongst the chaos. Our aid consist of vital food, water (trucks), medicine, hygiene packs, tents, blankets.

Aid for Women by Women
We are the only charity delivering aid to women by women, our aid deliveries are prioritising women and children because they are the ones who will be last to receive aid.

Forgotten Women has a strict ethical code of conduct which has zero tolerance to sexual exploitation of the weak and vulnerable. We are dedicated to providing aid and protection to those in need, and to honour our safe aid policy, we exclusively deploy women on the front lines to deliver aid, ensuring women-to-women contact.

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Emergency Pack £100 (Food, Medical, Hygiene, Water / Tent)
1 Family £100, 5 Families £500, 10 Families £1000, 25 Families £2500, 50 Families £5000

Mobile Medical Unit
£25,000 for one month (treating over 500 people weekly in Gaza)

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Forgotten Women