Syria: Rebuilding – Forgotten Women

Syria: Rebuilding

It's been over 12 years since the Syrian civil war began, 580,000 people is estimated to be dead; with 13 million Syrians being displaced and 6.7 million refugees forced to flee Syria.

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Women in refugee camps in Syria have been forced to offer sexual favours in return, that is the sad reality.

In the aftermath of over a decade of devastating conflict, Women, children and men of Syria finds themselves grappling not only with the scars of war but also with the relentless torment of natural disasters. For the resilient Syrians who have endured unimaginable suffering, the emergence of a free Syria feels like a distant dream as they confront the harsh realities of displacement, deprivation, and now, the wrath of earthquakes.

The toll of 12 years of relentless warfare has been staggering, leaving more than 13 million Syrians displaced from their homes. Amidst the rubble of once-thriving communities, an estimated 15 million people now find themselves dependent on humanitarian aid merely to survive. Basic necessities like food and clean water have become luxuries, as families—particularly vulnerable women and children—struggle to secure even the most fundamental elements of existence.

The plight of Syrian women, in particular, stands as a testament to the depths of suffering that have engulfed the nation. Many find themselves thrust into the role of sole caregivers, navigating the precarious landscape of makeshift shelters where every day is a battle for survival. The echoes of their resilience reverberate through the desolation, a testament to the strength and fortitude that defines the Syrian spirit.

The only safe haven for the Syrians is now free-Syria, a zone created by Turkey that stretches from Azaz to Idlib. This has become home to 5 million women, children and men. Forgotten Women, along with many other good minded NGOs are working there to rebuild Syria. We are delivering much needed food aid to women who are living in make shift camps, the suffering of these women is on going with displacement and instability, the need is great, the suffering of these women has no end in sight.

Syrian women are and have been coerced into sex in exchange for humanitarian assistance, a new report has revealed. In the latest sex abuse scandal to hit the charity sector, aid workers have detailed how men working on behalf of the UN and international charities are trading food and lifts for sexual favours.

A report titled, Voice From Syria said: “Examples were given of women or girls marrying officials for a short period of time for ‘sexual services’ in order to receive meals; distributors asking for telephone numbers of women and girls; giving them lifts to their houses ‘to take something in return’ or obtaining distributions ‘in exchange for a visit to her home’ or ‘in exchange for services, such as spending a night with them’.”

Women and girls ‘without male protectors’, such as widows and divorcees as well as female IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons), were regarded as particularly vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

This is the sad reality in most disaster zones, we are doing our best to provide aid for the the women of Syria by delivering aid for women by women, Forgotten Women has a strict ethical code of conduct which has zero tolerance to sexual exploitation of the weak and vulnerable.


We are also building safe toilets for women as the need is great, many women in camps do not have access to basic toilets, many will have to queue to use a single toilets which is shared by both men and women. Women do not feel safe and sometimes do not go for the entire day out of fear, one woman said, “There is no privacy or dignity.”

Right now, the need is:

Emergency Food Pack (7 weeks) £60
Toilet £350, Shower Unit £350

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Forgotten Women