Safe Toilets

In the world’s largest refugee camp, Rohingya women feel they are risking their lives to use the toilet. Many women, whilst attending the call of nature have been sexually abused and in some cases young girls have been abducted. Forgotten Women is on the ground in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh constructing much needed safe toilets for women. Our needs assessment revealed that women are in desperate need of female only facilities. The aim of this project is to protect the dignity of women.

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Women will go hungry and thirsty to avoid needing the toilet frequently. Bearing the suffering of abdominal pain and infections by not relieving themselves frequently, they resort to defecating by their tents which increases the risk of major outbreak of diseases.

Lack of nearby facilities is increasing the risk of sexual abuse and harassment, hundreds of incidents of gender-based violence are reported each week. Currently women are having to walk for up to 30 minutes to the nearest toilet. The women in the camps explained that at night the journey is very unsafe especially with little children. So, in order to ease the burden of walking for 30 minutes they have resorted to using a nearby lake, which is not only a major health hazard, but also sexual predators await in the bushes for an opportunity to take advantage of women and children. To ensure the sustainability of these safe toilets, each toilet is excavated 10ft deep and is monitored by the team to ensure usability.

3 safety features we incorporate:

  1. The toilets are built in areas with high population of women.
  2. Prominent signage to state they are women only facilities
  3. Stronger materials are used for safety and durability (metal sheets and locks)

Happiness, smiles and laughter filled the camp, one woman stated, “We needed these toilets desperately as the men would harass us. I am so happy; you have made our dreams come true.”

Thank you, to all those who have supported this great initiative, with over a million people the need is great so please do continue to support our work which is aimed at protecting the dignity of women because every woman matters.

Each Safe Toilet Costs £250

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