Feed The Fasting – Forgotten Women

‘Whoever feeds a person breaking their fast will earn the same reward as them, without anything being lessened from the reward of the one fasting’  Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

We are distributing vital life saving food aid to the women of Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan and Yemen so they can have food to open their fast £60 per parcel (1 months food):

AFGHANISTAN: Selling their children and organs for food

For 43 years the Afghani people have been living through occupation, our team from the UK have sat with the women in Afghanistan, and they have told us of their accounts of mass rape where they suffered themselves and also watched their daughters being raped in front of them while the men where massacred before their eyes. In such circumstances women are left with no support or even basic food and when the desperation sets in, they look to sell any assets to save themselves and family members, this includes selling themselves, their children, and their organs. The streets are littered with women begging for food, many women have been forced to sell their daughters as young as 4 in order to feed themselves and their children. They are forced with difficult choices when facing continuous starvation, the desperation leads them to selling one child even for as little as £500 to save the rest of the family.

PAKISTAN: The floods have left women on the streets
The floods hit Pakistan 9 months ago, 33 million people were displaced, most of whom were women and children. The waters affected an area the size of Britain.These women are living on the roadside, over 2000 women are giving birth daily in the open. Recent case studies from the ground have been of women selling their children as young as 10 for a mere £300 to get money for basic food, this is the grim reality. Many women do not have enough money for even basic food which means this month there will be many who will go without eating.

SYRIA: Years of war and now the earthquakes
After 12 years of war, the Syrians have suffered, more than 13 million people have been forced to flee their homes, and an estimated 15 million are now relying on humanitarian assistance. Basic needs of food are not being met, women and children are living in tents in harsh conditions without food or clean drinking water. We are delivering aid to remote parts of Syria where little or no aid has reached the Syrian women.

“Being on the ground in Syria has made me realise how much help these women and children need, Syria has become the centre of neglect. we are determined to get your kind donations to those who need it the most, you have our word.” Lucy Rae, Forgotten Women, Syria

YEMEN: The famine continuous
Yemen has become the forgotten country. The UN has declared Yemen to be the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. Yemen is facing one of world’s worst emergencies. The ongoing conflict has left children and families in urgent need of food and water. Women will avoid eating so that their children can have enough to eat, the displacement and high rates of physical, psychological and sexual violence is causing much suffering.

“I am crying because I feel relief and my heart feels lighter today that we can eat after receiving food from Forgotten Women” Beneficiary, Yemen

Women are now forced to take the lead as the male guardian has either been killed or is fighting. The responsibility is now upon the women for collecting supplies for their families which make them an easy target. Women must walk up to three hours to collect their rations of basic food for survival and then have to make the same journey back.

Just £60 can save the lives and dignity of an entire family (1 month’s supply)

Please give generously, we have a dedicated team of women on the ground directly distributing emergency aid daily to those families who are suffering from starvation, save lives and the dignity of women today.

Forgotten Women