Feed The Fasting – Forgotten Women

‘Whoever feeds a person breaking their fast will earn the same reward as them, without anything being lessened from the reward of the one fasting’  The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

We are distributing vital life saving food aid to the women of Afghanistan and Yemen so they can have food to open their fast:

Yemen: £50 (7 weeks supply)

“I am crying because I feel relief and my heart feels lighter today that we can eat after receiving food from Forgotten Women” Beneficiary, Yemen

We are continuing to provide lifesaving aid to the women and children of Yemen, the need is great – We have a team of women aid workers on the ground in Yemen delivering vital survival aid to the most vulnerable starving women in remote areas, our emergency aid delivery is in line with our ‘safe aid’ policy – aid for women by women, we only allow women on the front line to deliver aid in a safe and sound manner so women cannot be exploited. Your donations will make a direct difference in saving lives and dignity. 

Updates from the ground in Yemen (March):
1- The war continues and is getting worse
2- Famine and unemployment. No source of income or food, most people are starving
3- Deadly diseases are widespread. Many people have lost their lives / loved ones
4- Food and medication are lacking across the country
5- Covid-19 is spreading rapidly, officials and media are silent about it as they do not want to intimidate the public.
6- The rate of disability is increasing, women and children have lost limbs in war or due to land mines
7- More children are born with disabilities due to malnutrition, chemicals and worry of women during pregnancy

Just £50 can save the lives and dignity of an entire family (1 month’s supply)



Afghanistan: £50 (1 month’s supply)
The rise of poverty is leaving more and more women across northern regions of Afghanistan turning to sex work in order to escape the grinding poverty. In households where a male is no longer alive or is unable to provide due to injury and illness, the women will then have to find ways to feed her family members from her children to her elderly parents. Undercover sex work and begging is the only options for survival. Many women have been forced to sell their daughters as young as 4 to men in order to feed themselves and their children. The choice is not easy but when you are facing continuous starvation, desperation sets in and selling your child for even $500 becomes the only option. The UN have reported that there are almost 24 million people in Afghanistan of which 60% of the population, suffer from acute hunger. As many as 8.7 million Afghans are struggling with starvation.

Just £50 can save the lives and dignity of an entire family (1 month’s supply)

Please give generously, we have a dedicated team of women on the ground directly distributing emergency aid daily to those families who are suffering from starvation, save lives and the dignity of women today.

Forgotten Women