Women’s International Week

Women are used as a tool of humiliation and subjugation during the Syrian conflict. Many have been imprisoned, raped and tortured. Many are still imprisoned for no crime other than being perceived as belonging to the ‘opposition’. They are not soldiers, collaborators or infiltrators – just women who tried to escape the violence
Join us for Women’s International Week convoy to highlight the suffering of the Syrian women. We will depart from UK on 5th March for Istanbul. From there we will join dozens of women from all over the world to start our journey to Reyhanli on 6th March. We will pass through other cities raising awareness and gathering support until we reach Reyhanli on 8th March. We will meet women who are the innocent victims of the conflict to offer our support and arms. We will also conduct an aid distribution to women and children on the 9th & 10th March and thereafter head back to UK.

Join us and save lives

– Compassionate arms and a shoulder that you can offer these women to provide comfort and assurance
– Send your CV to office@forgottenwomen.org
– pay a registration fee – £500 to secure your place
– sign and return terms and conditions
– complete and return medical form
– fundraising – £500 or more

What’s included:

– Return air fare
– Hotel
– Travel insurance

The Background

The fighting has intensified in recent days sparking an influx of 100,000 people spilling over in to Turkey. This has caused a humanitarian catastrophe in an area already crowded with refugees. This displacement is the biggest perhaps in the Syrian conflict since its beginning until today. Tens of thousands of people have fled from the town of Idlib, according to the UN, in the past week 30,000 refugees have moved into Idlib’s heavily populated cities as well as along the Turkish border, crowding into existing camps in the harsh winter cold. The Syrian people may have lost all confidence in the international community, and do not believe anyone can stop this suffering of Syrians. But we as individuals can assume the responsibility and provide whatever help is necessary to those people who are being forced to leave their homes for other areas as a result of the conflict.