Emergency Safe Aid

Forgotten Women only allows women on the front line to deliver aid, this is to tackle the manipulation of women in unsettled circumstances. Imagine your family is in dire need of basic survival but a condition is put on your mother or your sister that in order to receive life-saving aid she will have to compromise her dignity, this is the stark reality in many emergency zones.

Safe Aid

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Approximately 35 per cent of women worldwide have experienced physical or sexual violence, also more than 70 per cent of women have experienced gender-based violence in crisis and emergency settings.

Women and young girls are purposely targeted and exploited for gratification and profit. sex abuse scandals, rape and abduction are all very common accounts that echo through refugee camps across the world. Recent reports have found sexual assault and exploitation are ‘predominately perpetrated against women and girls’ and mainly carried out by men. Sexual acts in exchange for desperately needed aid supplies is an abuse of power and tends to happen but goes unnoticed.

As an example, in Coxs Bazar, Bangladesh, there are great safety and security concerns within the Rohingya refugee camps. Traffickers are targeting and exploiting vulnerable people, in particular, women and young girls. Women are being lured into dangerous situations with false promises of work and a better life. Women are trafficked through to India for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and forced/bonded labour.

” Sex for aid and sexual exploitation should not and will not be tolerated. Part of our safe aid delivery is to provide loving arms of comfort and the emotional support these beautiful women long for.” Sunny Bahia, Forgotten Women

Our objective is to offer women the opportunity to develop their independence and protect their dignity. Every woman deserves the right to live a safe and happy life, with your support we can make that a reality.

Emergency Safe Aid Pack (Turkey, Syria, Yemen) £60 – £100