Transforming Lives: Pakistan – Forgotten Women

Transforming Lives: Pakistan

Ayesha Waheed, 35, Pakistan

Her passion and chosen business is crochet, tailoring and embroidery.

Ayesha’s husband is mentally ill and unable to work, she has 4 children. Ayesha has always wanted to own her own business in this field.

She struggled to get a business started due to the fact that tools and opportunities never came her way. With the help of Forgotten Women, Ayesha, now has all the components for a successful business which she can run and make a living from.

“I am very happy, I know my work is unique and tailoring is especially from my region which I can sell to other cities.”

Ayesha’s excitement showed on her face, knowing that now there is an end to her struggle for survival and a new path has been paved for her, a path of self-sufficiency, dignity and independence.

Forgotten Women encourage women to explore their ability and passion to succeed in their chosen business so they can earn with their own hands which in-turn will make them into successful business women overnight so they do not have to turn to begging or prostitution in order to support their family.


Forgotten Women