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The Making of a Business Woman in Malawi

Thank you Forgotten Women for giving me this wonderful opportunity to have my own business, please do help others in the community as many women need help and many women hope to have businesses of their own so they too can have a secure income for themselves and their family

Beitha is 26 years old and has 3 young children, she has always dreamed of owning her own salon and being a hairdresser! All she hopes for is to secure her children’s future education, so they can go on to study at college to become a doctor, lawyer and a nurse. Living just behind the market she has grown up watching the shops open and close and listening to the bustling markets go through their daily routine.

Beitha is now the proud business owner she always wanted to be, with a salon that provides women who can afford it the opportunity to have their hair done. She charges between 1500 to 3000 Kwatcher which equates to approximately £1.50 – £3 per woman. Beitha is now able to buy hair products she needs, each woman takes up to 2 hours to complete a full head of hair and as her salon gets busier she hopes to employ her sister. The profits Beitha will make from her salon she hopes to support her family. #businesswoman #business

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