79 Going On To 30 – Forgotten Women

79 Going On To 30

Amina is 79, she was widowed 36 years ago and was left to bring up her six children alone. Sadly, two of her adult sons are mentally disabled and while her other children struggle to find work, she strives daily to support her entire family.


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Each day Amina faces a new battle and depends on handouts from neighbours and the community. When this help is not available, she is forced to resort to begging and scavenging through rubbish to find items to sell.

As the team sat with Amina it became apparent that she carry’s the world on her shoulders, her family’s survival depends on Amina, if Amina does not find a means to provide food that day her and her family will not eat. It also became apparent the dire poverty Amina and her family live in. Amina’s home and life possessions are tucked away in a 5 meter square makeshift tent, after witnessing this the team knew why Amina said that this kiosk would become a life line for her and her family.

When Amina was presented with her kiosk, the happiness was felt by the whole team, her beaming smile warmed everyone’s hearts. She became confident, stood tall and took ownership of her new business venture.

One year on…

“Thank you, thank you very much, we appreciate the help and we are very happy.” Amina, Somalia

Witnessing her appealing living conditions and accommodation, the team decided to build a house for Amina, which has provided comfort and security to her life. This 79-year-old women has been given a new lease of life and even at her age she continues to strive for a better future. She is like a woman reborn in her 30s who has been given the opportunity to continue on her journey. Rebuilding lives is about giving a woman the opportunity, confidence and resources, to turn her life around for better. The Another Mother Project is designed to help women like Amina to strive and create a future which is full of hope and every woman deserves that.

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Forgotten Women