Sorrow To Smiles – Forgotten Women

Sorrow To Smiles

Meet Moallim, she has six children and a terminally ill husband who is bedbound, Moallim does what she can to provide for her family. She works odd jobs washing clothes and searching for scraps of rubbish to sell in order to pay her rent and feed her family.

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Her eldest son was once the main support for the family with his income, but just 15 days prior to this meeting he was killed in an explosion whilst at work and he died instantly. Moallim struggled to get through this meeting, she broke down several times as emotions were very much raw. It was clear Moallim’s situation and pressures have taken a toll on her mental health, she stated there are no opportunities for her, she feels trapped and frustrated no matter how hard she tries. Change will never occur because opportunities do not exist for women like Moallim.

One year later…

When Moallim was presented with her fully stocked kiosk it was apparent this was the new chapter in her life, there was a twinkle of hope behind the eyes of this grieving mother. This opportunity came at the right time, Moallim was at the lowest point in her life with no support. One year on, Moallim’s business is thriving and she is making a healthily profit. She is now a successful business woman with a chance to better her life and escape the poverty trap for good. Moallim requested to have her kiosk located outside her home so she could still attend to her sick husband while running her business.

“This is the start of something positive for me and my family, I am the only one who is able to earn, and I hope this will take away my stress of providing.”

Please do continue to support this amazing initiative to end poverty because every woman deserves the right to live a safe, happy life and with your support we can make that a reality for all.

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Forgotten Women