"Last time you visited me, I had no food, today I am so happy because we have food in the house” Roshangul, Afghanistan

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I met Roshangul at a Forgotten Women food distribution in May, I asked about her situation and asked if she was happy with the food she had received to which she replied yes. Roshangul started crying and said this food parcel is all we have, and she is very happy to have received it. I made a promise that I would go and visit Roshangul in the coming days.

As I walked into Roshangul’s house I realised instantly the poverty was more than she described to me. Roshangul’s house was very dark and cold, the windows were broken and there was no food in the kitchen expect what we gave her. As I started to talk to Roshangul she started to cry due to the hardship and pressure of not being able to buy food for her children and her neighbour who she was also supporting. I also noticed Roshangul was ready for a change, she kept suggesting many ideas for a business, she had a drive that was rare and I had not seen in many of the women I had visited.

As we explored the options with Roshangul I realised she was a farmer by trade, it was something she was very passionate about, so she decided she wanted livestock as she felt there was a gap in the market to sell fresh milk to her neighbours and local shop keepers, Roshangul’s choice of business: Livestock


Today Roshangul has become a businesswoman in her own right, as the team went to revisit Roshangul three months later she was excited to see them, she came running to the front and started crying, she then took the team to the back and started to give an entire breakdown of her business. How much she spends on feed, how much milk she sells, how many customers she has etc. Roshangul is now earning £60-£90 a month selling milk to the local shop keeper and neighbours.

As you can see from the pictures Roshangul is a different woman, she said she has a purpose in life now, this business has become everything too Roshangul. The confidence this has given Roshangul is hard to believe, she is glowing, smiling and even offered the team food to eat.

With the profit Roshangul is making she has even brought pillows and rugs for her home, she is seen here praying for all those who donated.

Pros of Roshangul’s New Business
1. Instant profit from sales of milk
2. Nutrition for their family
3. Breeding livestock to increase income 
4. Using cow dung as fuel (this is a problem in Afghanistan as there is a lack of gas and wood, women tend to burn plastic which is harmful).


I am happy, this has changed my life, with the money I have made I have brought food and mattresses for my house. My business is very important to me.” Roshangul, Afghanistan


We are changing the live of women in Afghanistan and other countries, women like Roshangul just need an opportunity to become independent business women.

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