before we had nothing, we can’t even walk – Forgotten Women

before we had nothing, we can’t even walk

"This shop has made us feel we have hope, it is nice to have something to wake up too.” Nazma, Bangladesh

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The Begum family has been tested in recent years, all three sisters have lost the ability to walk which means they are dependent on their mother who takes care of them full time. Their brother also died in a car accident not so long ago, the grief is still quite raw in the hearts.  

The Begum family was selected for the rebuilding lives programme because of their will and passion in wanting to change their lives. The family has been living on handouts from neighbours for some time now which they found degrading but it has been difficult for them to empower themselves with something new because of their physical situation. 

Since having the shop, the Begum family have a rota for all three sisters, they take it in turns to work throughout the day, the family’s house is right next to their shop which means travel is minimal. Before the shop the sisters use to sit around and watch the day go by, they could not find a job due to their disabilities.

Overall, the rebuilding lives project has helped the Begum family in many ways, from providing an income to building their confidence and giving them a stable routine which they look forward to everyday.  

Opening hours 7am-9pm 
Profit £125 in two weeks  

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Forgotten Women