I was doing through depression – Forgotten Women

I was doing through depression

"I am very happy, and I am praying for all those who made this happen for me, it is like a dream come true. I was going through depression where I use to sleep during the day to escape life, but now I get up early and get ready to open my shop, I feel much better.” Menal Begum, 35, Bangladesh

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Menal has made £60 in profit over the past 5 days, her shop is based on a busy road where cars driving by will stop and buy as well as the locals. Menal lost her right hand in an accident when she was young which has hindered many opportunities for her to get a job, this has also impacted her personal life where she has been turn down for marriage many times.

Menal said she would like to buy new clothes when she makes a little more profit, she also said she feels relieved that she can pay her rent and buy food now without having to worry about where her next meal will come from. 

Menal also supports her elderly father, who was very thankful for the new business, he said, “This has changed our lives.”

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